Southern Sweden Design Days: LÄNK

Southern Sweden Design Days: LÄNK

Designfestivalen Southern Sweden Design Days går av stapeln i Malmö den 19-22 maj, och i verkstan där jag hyr plats håller vi en gemensam utställning på temat LÄNK. 

LÄNK is a collective exhibition of the ceramicists active in Artibus' workshops. It is a result of the great breadth and diversity that is represented both in those who create there and in the material they work with.

Länk - something that could be a part of a chain, a bridge span, a connection between pieces, people and/or elements. In a time of physical distance, many think of video links, used to maintain contact.

When we work with clay we usually think of pieces that could contain something - like a cup or a pot.

With different techniques and manners, but in a common starting point, each potter interprets the idea of “link”. Is it functional, sculptural or conceptual? Does this have a political or societal significance? Is it a more symbolic content; around a ritual, mood or emotion? Is it a connection, a ring, a bridge, a part of a chain…?
Collaborative pieces will also be an opportunity for potters to get closer and connect around 4-handed creations.

Jag kommer delta med både ett enskilt och ett gemensamt verk. Om du är i Malmö - varmt välkommen

Torsdag 19 maj: 16-19
Fredag 20 maj: 16-21
Lördag 21 maj: 11-16
Söndag 22 maj: 11-16

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