#100vaseproject är klart!

#100vaseproject is done!

#100vaseproject is done!!!

During the summer I've been working on Ukraine vases, and you know... Now I'm done!

In this last round, there are, among other things, some vases in black clay, which I tried to work with a bit this summer. Really really neat, if you ask me. And I wanted to do something special for vase number 100, so I threw it in porcelain clay. Porcelain is a bit special to work with, it is very soft and difficult to throw, it cracks easily and shrinks a lot in the kiln. So that's why I'm extra proud that vase number 100, my very first porcelain vase, turned out well

Unfortunately, it is only this project that is coming to an end, the war seems to have no end (although there is a little hope that it can turn around...). It's so terrible, and just as terrible is how quickly you get used to it. The war, yes, right... A small notice in the newspaper. And sure, I get it. There are plenty of other crises to focus on as well. Still…

So - how about we make a run for it? I'm running some sales via Instagram Stories on Thursday 15 September, and then we'll collect some more money for UNHCR and the Red Cross. OK? Good! See you then!

You can see all the vases here , both those that have already been sold and those that are still available. At the time of writing, approximately 1/3 have been sold and together we have collected many fine thousands of dollars for UNHCR and the Red Cross.

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