Clays and glazes

I have selected a couple of standard glazes and clays that I work with. The colors are neutral, close to nature and fit well together. I find the meeting between clay and glaze exciting - I want you to see the clay with its structure, that it is not perfect. Therefore, many of my products are only partially glazed. The glaze may have run or splattered a bit when glazing, but that makes it vibrant.

The glazes I work with are basically two, but sometimes I can try something new. The white glaze is a classic white glossy glaze, and the black is silky matte with beautiful structure.

In addition to this, I work with other clays and glazes in different collections and individual products.

Gray clay

The gray clay is a bit coarser and one of my favourites.

White glaze / gray clay

Black glaze / gray clay


Beige clay

The beige clay is a slightly smoother clay, but still has structure. It gets a lovely sand beige tone, and sometimes it gets a beautiful orange tone where the clay and glaze meets.

White glaze / beige clay

Black glaze / beige clay