This is how it works

Ceramics is a slow process, so I don't always have products in stock for immediate delivery.

However, my mugs and my plates are always available to order. I am continuously throwing new mugs, and often have a small stock of finished mugs. However, sizes and colors vary over time, so it is difficult for me to give an exact delivery time.

If I am going to throw a new mug for you, it may take 3-4 weeks, as ceramics is a slow process, which you can read more about below. But it can be faster and I always send your order to you as soon as it is ready!

You can choose between having the products delivered to you, or pick up by appointment at Artibus (Södra Förstadsgatan 70 in Malmö).

If you leave your email address (at the bottom of the page) I will keep you updated when there is news to tell you!

From clay to finished mug

The first step is to throw the mug. First, I weigh out the amount of clay, and knead each lump. Then I sit down at the wheel and throw the mug. It is lifted off the wheel and set aside to begin drying.

After about a day, the mug has become semi-dry, it is usually called leather-hard. Then I take it out and trim the bottom so that it's nice, it's called trimming . It is also while the mug is leather-hard that a handle should be attached. The handle, is made separately and attached carefully to create a nice transition to the mug. The mug is then allowed to dry for a couple more days, so that it becomes completely dry.

When the mug is completely dry, it must go into the kiln for a first firing, a bisque firing. This is done so that the mug will be stable and the clay will become porous so that the clay can absorb the glaze. A bisque firing goes to about 980 celsius and takes about 2 days. To fire the kiln, there needs to be enough stuff to fill it. Our kiln in the community studio in Malmö is usually fired about once a week.

After the trimming, all mugs must be sanded. The bottom is made smooth and any unevenness is sanded away. The mug is wiped and then it's time for the glaze . The mugs are dipped in a bucket of wet glaze, and then allowed to dry a little more. The glaze dries to a thick layer of powder on the outside of the mug.

Then it's finally time for glaze firing , and the kiln will be set to 1200-1250 celsius. The glaze will now melt and form the glassy surface that makes it completely solid and easier to keep clean. The glaze kiln also takes about 2 days before it has cooled enough to take the pieces out to see the finished result. Before I pack and ship the pieces to you, I sand off the bottom one more time, to make it smooth and won't risk scratching your table.

As you can see, there are many steps along the way, and something can go wrong at each step. It's not until I open the glaze kiln after the final firing that I'll know that everything has gone well and your pieces are ready for delivery!


If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact me !