Dags att kura höst! Nya ljusstakar i butiken.

New candlesticks in the shop.

The temperature is dropping, the rain has come and the evenings are getting dark. Autumn is definitely here, and then it's time to cozy up in the glow of candlelight.

I have produced some new candlesticks, both for regular candles and for block candles. All are turned in coarse clays, which give a wonderfully tactile feeling. One has a beautiful brown-beige color, and the other is in a black clay that gravitates a little towards dark brown. The candlesticks are unglazed on the outside, but the inside is glazed for better function.

And speaking of function. The candlesticks for regular candles are completely hollow, and since they are glazed on the inside, they also function as vases if you so wish. I'm thinking a couple of beautiful blades of grass or a sprig of beautiful autumn leaves...

You can find all candlesticks here.

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