Kokboken "Svenska smårätter - från fredagsmys till mingelfest"

The cookbook "Swedish small dishes - from Friday cozy to mingling party"

Being able to produce ceramics that suit a specific occasion and a specific place is a bit of a dream assignment for me. And with my varied background, where I previously worked both with graphic design and photography, a cookbook has long been a dream.

So you understand what a dream project took shape when me and Maria at @gazpachocatering started talking about a book almost a year ago. The result was the book "Svenska smårätter - fra fredagsmys till minggelfest" and it has now arrived from the printer and is available to order!

In the book, classic Swedish flavors are combined with local interpretations of Mediterranean food. Together with unexpected flavor combinations, the recipes become an inspiration to test yourself to find new dishes for both everyday life and parties. And who said that mingling dishes are not also suitable for a weekday or for a cozy Friday night?

By using locally grown ingredients and adapting what we eat according to the season, we can all make a difference in the transition to more sustainable food production. Eating locally grown food in season is actually both delicious and easy, while being sustainable on several levels. We believe that sustainability should be simple and pleasant in order for us to succeed, and hope that this book will inspire that!

The ceramics consist of a whole bunch of small dishes and bowls, all in neutral colors to let the dishes and ingredients shine in all their glory. And the book, you can order it at svenskasmaratter.se .

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