Konstprojekt: Growing

Art project: Growing

During the autumn, I took a distance learning course at HDK Valand called "Introduction to Artistic Approaches in Craft". When I started, I wasn't sure what my expectations were, or what I wanted it to lead to. One of the questions I pondered was "am I an artist?", or maybe even "do I want to be an artist?".

I'm not sure I've found the answer yet, but taking the course, doing the assignments, discussing with the teachers, reflecting and challenging my thoughts has gotten me at least one step closer (or two).

One of the things that became clear to me during the fall is four different aspects that are important to me, and which I try to include in most of what I do: contrast, tactility, movement and craftsmanship.

The final project in the course was to create an object, and this is my result: Growing.

It's one of the biggest things I've made (42cm tall!). Turned in four sections in a very soft semi-porcelain clay, and then decorated with a black and coarse clay.

The decorations sort of grow from the very classic shape of a vase, like leaves, moss or lichens. It grows in a very organic form, which creates a movement around the vase.

I am actually very happy and proud of the result! And this is exactly why I love going to lots of different courses and workshops. You get to learn something new, challenge yourself with new ideas, and you grow - both as a ceramicist and as a person. What’s not to love!?

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