Lanthandeln i Malmö

Lanthandeln in Malmö

In early autumn 2021, Lanthandeln opened in Malmö, a passion project with taste, nutrition and sustainability in focus. Behind the venture are farmer Alex at Ur vår jord and chef Linus Skog .

I know Alex from a previous context and have been out on his farm many times, so I can really attest that here is someone who is passionate about quality and flavors. And what he doesn't know about the nutritional content of various vegetables - it's not worth knowing! Now he has teamed up with the awesome chef Linus and together they run Lanthandeln, a lovely shop with fresh vegetables and delicacies from local producers. They also serve really good coffee!

Complementing the edibles, they have also started selling ceramics from local potters, and I am one of them. It makes me really proud, because only really high quality products are sold here. And besides, it feels like the circle is closing, when Alex and I get to work together again.

This is really a venture that appeals to me. Both really good food, sustainability and local production are close to my heart and I have for many, many years worked with projects and companies that have it as a guiding light.

If you are in Malmö, feel free to look into the shop at Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6 (next door to the meat shop Ola & Ko and the bakery Leve ).

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