Muggar till Smygehuk hostel!

Mugs for Smygehuk hostel!

Right by Smygehuk lighthouse, at Sweden's southernmost point, there is a hostel that has been run under new management for a while, and together with them I have produced mugs with the lighthouse on them.

Since we are both passionate about local ingredients, I have created the brown glaze as locally as possible. It is based on clay that we dug up on the plot out in the country, and ash from the stove that we burn there. It's been a challenge, but it gives a wonderful local connection to the mugs!

I love collaborations with other entrepreneurs. Small business owners have so much drive, great ideas, passion, and often work locally - and I know awesome Mick and Joanna who run the hostel think the same. It is fantastic!

And if you happen to pass Sweden's southern tip in the future, I can warmly recommend staying a night or two at the hostel , Mick and Joanna will take good care of you! You will see the mugs at the hostel, and they can also be bought to take home as a nice, unique and handmade souvenir.
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