Nu kör vi Muggklubb 2023!

Let's do it: Muggklubb 2023!

Now I've decided. We're running a mug club in 2023 too, aren't we!? After all the nice words from this year's members, I felt that - well, of course we should continue with this.

But of course it will be a little different (you have to take opportunity to improve...). So it will work like this:

  • There will be 4 mugs during the year
  • You can choose from three different mug sizes
  • Choose pick-up in Malmö or to be delivered.

I don't have an exact theme for the mugs yet, but it will be in a color scale and motif that goes together so that when the year is over you have a nice set of mugs. The mugs this year ended up being quite a colorful group, but I would think that next year's mugs will have a slightly more muted color scale. Also, probably with brand new glazes, since I'm learning more about it! It will definitely be exciting!

I want the mugs to be a surprise when they arrive. Therefore, I will not show any of the mugs in advance, but only when they are delivered and collected by the members. Just like this year. I want it to feel like Christmas Eve every time, that a package suddenly appears that you don't know what it contains... :)

What are you saying? Do you want to join? On the website it is now possible to buy membership in the mug club . Or you just get in touch with me. Maybe it's a nice present to put under the tree? If not, I can also arrange a gift card to put under the tree!

So. Let's go. It will be fun!

This is what some of last year's members thought:

It's like having your birthday 6 times in one year! 🤩✨ And the mugs feel like they are specially made just for me 😅🥰

It's been wonderful, exciting gifts & new favorites for a whole year 🥰

Keep going and I will find it hard to resist another year of surprises 🙌

Like Christmas Eve every time a new mug arrives!

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