Ny kollektion: KIND

New collection: KIND

Allow me to introduce the new breakfast collection "KIND". I wanted to create something a little different compared to my previous collections, something to inspire you to start your day in a soft and kind way. The KIND collection is a breakfast collection, with classic shapes and round profiles, glazed in colors that calm your mind. The collection comes in four colors that go well together, so you can choose to mix and match or stick to one color on all pieces.

The four colors are Sandstone, Driftwood, Meadow Green and Misty Blue. The glaze is matte, soft to the touch, and actually the first of my very own glazes!

All parts in the collection are made to order, and delivery time is approx. 4-6 weeks.

See the entire collection here.

I have to say that I’m quite proud of this, and I hope you will like it too! It is a bit different from my other pieces, but the softness in both shape and color is something I myself feel a need for right now. A need to slow down, enjoy the small things in life and being more kind to both oneself and others.


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