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Nya muggar till Cow Girl Cafe

New mugs for Cow Girl Cafe

A few weeks ago I had an afternoon coffee with Selma at the Cow Girl Gallery here in Malmö. I have made the mugs they use there, and now we started talking about how they worked and Selma had a wish for a new model of mugs, with a slightly rounder bottom.

It turns out that the shape of the base affects how the foam on the espresso behaves, and it becomes easier to make beautiful latte art with a small and round base - imagine what you don't know!

All said and done, I sat down at the turntable, made some prototypes, discussed further with Selma and now these goodies are delivered to the gallery! Selma was very pleased, and I really love this type of project - when I get to discuss the form and then put my own stamp on the end result based on the customer's wishes. So much fun!!!

If you want to try drinking from them, I recommend a visit to the Cow Girl Gallery, a gallery that is also a film club, meeting place and coffee bar. The address is Falkenbergsgatan 4 (crossing Simrishamnsgatan). You can also read more on their website or follow up Instagram .

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