Nytt: Ramenskålar!

New: Ramen bowls!

It is time! The ramen bowls are ready to order! They are about 18 cm in diameter and about 7 cm high, which gives a lovely bowl that holds a lot of noodles, soup and good toppings! Of course I've tried, with takeaway from the local ramen bar - and they worked perfectly in the bowls!

The bowls also have a sturdy foot ring, so that they both stand firmly and can be held if you want to eat your ramen with the bowl in hand.

Available in two different clays (grey and beige) and two different glazes (white glossy and black silk matt). Glazed on the inside and with a run over the edge to the raw and unglazed outside. The irregular glazing gives each bowl its own unique identity.

Like all bowls, they of course go well with everything possible, not just ramen noodles. The Friday chips, the summer salad, the strawberries...

If you want to order, it can be good to know that they are made to order and are only produced after your order. I have written a 6-8 week delivery time, because throwing, drying, firing, glazing and firing take time... But I always try to deliver as quickly as possible, and if it is faster, I will of course send them sooner.

For the bowls

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