Saltkar till Hörte Brygga

Salt bowls for Hörte Brygga

As you probably know, I think it's extra fun (and important) to support the local in different ways. That's why I was extra happy when Emma at the Hörte Brygga restaurant got in touch. In addition to being an absolutely fantastic summer restaurant, where local is in focus, it is also the restaurant we have closest to our house in the country. I know, from many summers of experience, that the food is something completely extra, so if you have the opportunity to visit them, I think you should!

Emma missed small salt bowls to put on the tables, and after seeing my collaboration with the hostel in Smygehuk where I worked with local glaze (in the form of clay from Santa and ash from our stove), she wanted something similar for Hörte Brygga.

The result was small salt bowls that are thrown in a slightly coarse brown clay, reminiscent of the sandy beach that is right next to the restaurant in Hörte. In the glaze are the ashes from their smokehouse (which is the heart of the restaurant), and which ties together the local and circular idea that is so important to both Emma, Martin and me.

And the result was great! "In other words, the satisfaction that comes when it turns out exactly as good as you imagined and even a little better." wrote Emma on their Instagram.

I pinch myself a little when I get to do projects like this - together with other entrepreneurs, passionate about their business. So grateful and happy for that. Thank you Emma and Martin, and thank you to everyone else who buys my ceramics!

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