Skålar och mattallrikar till Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel

Bowls and dinner plates for Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel

A little over a year ago I began the wonderful collaboration with Mick and Joanna at Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel, and little did I know what it would lead to. What started with lighthousemugs has led to side plates, cake stands, tea cups, milk jugs - and now also breakfast bowls and dinner plates!

They are all different, but through the choice of clay, glazes and the lighthouse that appears from time to time, we have still found a nice common thread that ties all the parts together.

I am so incredibly happy about how this wonderful collaboration has developed. Mick and Joanna are so incredibly caring, keen that all guests feel welcome and with love down to the smallest detail.

The picture is from an event they had, and it certainly looks fantastic when all the parts are laid out like this, don't you think!? I can really highly recommend a visit to Smygehuk Lighthouse Hostel if you have the roads south this year! I dare to promise that you will be well taken care of, the environment is fantastic - and there is a lighthouse on the grounds! Just that... :)

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