Southern Sweden Design Days 2023

Southern Sweden Design Days 2023

Today Southern Sweden Design Days opens in Malmö, and so does the exhibition in our shared workshop at Artibus.

The overall theme for SSDD this year is Dissonance and the name for our exhibition is Kaos (Chaos), which connected me with thoughts on our current world state. Climate crisis, wars, pandemics… In essence they are all created by mankind, and in some way from our strives to trying to create a “perfect” life to make us happy. In that search, we turn to consumption, trying to buy our way to a happy life. But as we exceed the planets limitations, our globe kicks back with chaos on so many levels.

This all felt a bit depressing, but maybe there is hope in chaos? Maybe we can find a way to mend the world and mankind. Even though it might be with very visible scars…

I wanted to use this opportunity to push myself as well, going bigger than ever before and trying new techniques. So this is the biggest piece I’ve ever thrown! It was thrown in two pieces and then joined together to create one perfect globe.

Then I ripped it apart in two halves, one glazed in a shiny perfect white glaze and the other one was fired in a sawdust firing in a barrel to create that chaotic effect. Adding weeds like nettles, seaweed from our nearby beach and more, the result is truly unpredictable (and quite beautiful if you ask me. The two halves are then stitched back together again, using wire - both shiny new copper wire and a few pieces of steel wire used in the firing.

The result:

"We have created a globe in chaos, in our dissonant search for a perfect life. Is there still hope that we can mend it?”

Together with my workshop mates, I exhibit this at Artibus during Southern Sweden Design Days, May 25-28.

Thur - Fri 17-21
Sat - Sun 11-16

Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 70, Malmö

Warm welcome!

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