Tack 2022!

Thank you 2022!

We're coming to the end of the year, and I thought it might be nice to have a little recap of things that happened. And maybe a reflection or two. Because as it happens, when you start writing down everything that happened, it turns out to be more than you thought from the beginning.

In any case, I can definitely say that 2022 has been covered in clay. I have been in the studio at Artibus almost every day, except for this summer when I mostly worked in the summer studio out in the country. And as I have thrown! Mugs, mugs, plates, vases and then some more mugs. I haven't counted them all, but I know that there are at least around 200 mugs for just one of my collaborations, so in total probably double that. And well over 100 vases…

In addition, I have done quite some learning during the year, to build on what I pick up through endless YouTube watching. Last spring I took a throwing course in Lidköping, and then got the opportunity to start in the distance group at the Formakademin in the fall! In addition, I have taken a glaze course for Carusell Keramik and Product Safety for Tim Thornton. And it seems that the more you learn, the more you realize how much there is left to learn...

The year has also offered a whole lot of fun collaborations. Lighthouse mugs (and some other things) together with Smygehuk hostel, archipelago cups and lanterns with Gräddö Popup Shop, cappuccino mugs for Cowgirl gallery, salt and mustard jars for Ludvigslunds skafferi, salt jars etc. for Hörte bridge, Trelleborg mugs for Krydderiet Kummin! So incredibly fun to design and develop together with you all!!! Thanks!!!

My ceramics have also appeared in several stores. In addition to the above, of course in the store at Artibus, in Visby at the Madpeach store, in several foreign stores via Ankorstore and then at the Christmas market at both Batteriparken and Beyond us.

There have also been several fun projects during the year. I started my #mugklubb2022, and my dear members have received 6 different mugs over the past year, all connected to the season in some way. This spring there was also an exhibition at Artibus during Southern Sweden Design Days where I participated with two pieces, one individual and one in collaboration with one of my workshop colleagues at Artibus.

And of course #100vaseproject . Perhaps the most important project of the year. I, like so many others, was appalled when the Ukraine war started in March. To contribute, I made 100 vases, which were then sold for the benefit of UNHCR and the Red Cross. Not all have been sold yet, but about 60 have been sold and together we have collected around SEK 18,000!!! It evokes so many emotions. Pride in being able to contribute. Sad that it is needed. Glad that together we have been able to make at least a little difference. Thank you for that!

All in all, very educational and rewarding projects, and although I don't have more than another round of mug club planned for next year right now, I suspect (if I know myself) that more crazy ideas will emerge!

Although 2022 has mostly been about ceramics, I've been doing a bit of other things as well. The cookbook "Svenska smårätter" came out last fall, but with it I had the opportunity to do a course in food photography for Moderskeppet (a Swedish online education platform)! The book also won a prize this year, we became the Sweden winner in the category "Easy and fast recipes" in the competition Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2023, in competition with thousands of cookbooks from all over the world! So crazy fun.

And when you write everything down like this, it looks like it's been busy - although I haven't experienced it that way at all. I've really had a lot of fun, and also developed a lot as a ceramicist! I am also happy about all the new friendships developed thanks to the clay. There are so many lovely people in this community!

I am so incredibly happy that - thanks to all of you - I have the opportunity to do as much with ceramics as I do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If you only knew how much it means to me.

So in summary. 2022 - you were amazing. But I'm pretty sure that 2023 will be even better, because there's already a lot of fun planned! I wish for a year that continues in the same way as 2022, with nice collaborations with nice people, fun assignments, more ceramics for restaurants and so little experimentation with new forms of it.

Thanks for 2022 - and welcome to 2023!

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