The Trelleborg mug

Last fall I received a lovely request. Susanne at Krydderiet Kummin in Trelleborg was looking for a new Trelleborg mug. She had seen the fire mugs I made for Smygehuk Hostel and liked them. Together we scouted around what is typical of Trelleborg and we can now finally show the result!

The Trelleborg mug is inspired by the sea and the long sandy beaches. Together with stylized motifs of the palm trees, the water tower and one of all the ferries that serve Trelleborg, the Trelleborg mug is created, 100% local craftsmanship where each mug is unique.

I made the blue glaze myself, inspired by the glaze class I took earlier last fall. Under some agony - I must admit. It has had its challenges, but oh what I've learned! And I'm actually happy with the result. At last…

You can only buy the mug at Krydderiet Kummin, so take a trip past Susanne and take the opportunity to buy some lovely tea or coffee at the same time!
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