Skålar till Victoriasalongen

Cheers to the Victoria salon

The other week I delivered bowls to the restaurant "Victoriasalongen" in Trelleborg, and now I got to experience them in use, during an absolutely fantastic evening.

I previously told you about the design project for Victoriasalongen, as part of my education at the Formakademin. As a result, Jimmy Brorsson ordered the bowls that were inspired by the lamps in the salon. But we developed them a little bit more, and added a gold edge to the bowls, as a nod to the brass brackets the lamps are mounted in.

This weekend a very special event took place at the salon, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. During the evening, the same 10-course (!) menu was served as in the Titanic's first-class salons, there was live music playing contemporary music and all the guests were dressed up. Such a festive, dignified and beautiful evening in every way.

The bowls were used for two of the dishes, and they really came into their own in the salon. All the candles made the gold sparkle and it was a magical feeling to see all the bowls being carried out to the guests for serving. You can read a little more about my experience of the dinner on Instagram .

Thank you Jimmy, both for a nice collaboration and a nice evening.

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