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Ramen bowls

Ramen bowls

Ramen bowl, approx. 18 cm in diameter and approx. 7 cm high, which gives a lovely bowl that holds a lot of noodles, soup and good toppings!

The bowls have a sturdy foot ring, so that they both stand firmly and can be held if you want to eat your ramen with the bowl in hand.

Available in two different clays (grey and beige) and two different glazes (white glossy and black silk matt). Glazed on the inside and with a run over the edge to the raw and unglazed outside. The irregular glazing gives each bowl its own unique identity.

Thrown in stoneware. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Read more about the different glazes and clays here .

MADE TO ORDER ITEM! Delivery time 6-8 weeks
All ramen bowls are made to order and are only thrown after ordering. Ceramics is a slow process - the bowls must be thrown, dried, fired, glazed and fired again. Each firing takes about 2 days, and sometimes I have to wait for space in the kiln ( read more about it here ). Due to their size, I can only fire a few plates at a time, which makes the delivery time a bit longer. But it could be faster and I will always send you the bowls as soon as they're ready!


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Turned in stoneware. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Note that matte glazes can get cutlery marks more easily.

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A living material

Clay is a living material, and creating in clay is a multi-step process.

  • Clays and glazes

    I have selected a couple of standard glazes and clays that I work with. The colors are neutral, close to nature and fit well together. I find the meeting between clay and glaze exciting - I want you to see the clay with its structure, that it is not perfect. Therefore, many of my products are only partially glazed.

    More about clays and glazes 
  • Delivery information

    As I have both ordered goods and finished products in stock, delivery times vary. If the item is in stock, I will ship within a couple of days (always with trackable delivery). If it is a made-to-order product, the delivery time may vary. More information about this is on each product.